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Blag the Royal Wedding

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Do you have what it takes to plan the wedding of the year on time and in budget? Fancy the title of Royal Wedding Planner?

Plan the most talked about wedding of 2011 - THE ROYAL WEDDING! Blag the Royal Wedding is a fun, tongue-in-cheek wedding game.

Whether it's Kate Middleton's Dress, Prince William's Stag night or making sure the Royal family has enough cash left in the kitty for an Elton John & Snoop Dogg collaboration priced at £10m - there is something for everyone! You may think you can blag the job of Royal Wedding planner but if you are not within budget, you still have the Royal family to answer to! Don't get fired!

blag [blæg] Slang
vb blags, blagging, blagged (tr)
U.K.to obtain something in underhand way: to obtain something by deceit, scrounging, or cajoling (slang)
He blagged his way into the party.
You will first have to prove you have what it takes by completing one taxing task...the "Celebrity Seating Plan". Celebrities can be so fickle when it comes to friends, lovers and work colleagues so seating this group of people together could be more challenging than you think!

Share with friends and show them your plan for the wedding of the year...And if you decide to change the wedding plan at the last minute, there is lots of re-play value. Don't be the last to know about this exciting and fun new app!!!

Wedding planner: Dress Wedding planner: Cake


  • Lots of Fun
  • Easy to use
  • The only royal wedding planner game.
  • A beautiful countdown to the royal wedding
  • Lots of international and UK celebrities to choose from in the "Celebrity Seating Plan" game with funny clues to help you with the seating plan.
  • Lots of wedding plan options from the cake to the bridesmaids dresses and more.
  • High quality pictures of each wedding option.
  • Running total to help you spend your budget.
  • Unlimited random budgets so you can re-play the wedding planner game again and again.
  • COMING SOON... more updates!

To leave feedback, request a new feature or report a problem, please contact us. Otherwise, please leave a review on the app store.

Seating plan Countdown: Kate Countdown: Bouquet


  • Implementation and Design by Nick Gray & Nicole Saponari.
  • Additional contributors of images of people are listed here